1. FIRST CONTACT* – There is nothing quite like your first time.  For most people this beer will be their first experience with our ginger beer collection.  It is made with fresh cold pressed ginger and lemon.  Perfect beer for all occasions.
  2. SPACE MULE* – This beer is our interpretation of the popular bar drink, Moscow Mule.  It is light and refreshing and packs quite a ginger wallop.
  3. SUNSPOT* – One of 2 beers we offer that glow under blacklight!  Yellow like the sun, this ginger beer is a lemon, lime, and orange flavor explosion.  Come to the tasting room to see this one shine!
  4. GINGER COLADA* – Cue the song…”If you like pina coladas”… Who doesn’t like pina coladas?  Rhetorical question.  This beer is made with ginger, pineapple juice, and coconut cream flavoring.  Yum!
  5. ANDROMEDA AMBROSIA* – Our First Contact beer fermented with hibuscus.  Red in color with a fruity body and clean finish, this beer may become a tap-room favorite.
  6. Tequila’n Me Smalls – A dry ginger beer aged on Tequila Barrel chips.
  7. Starberry Sour –  A sour beer has landed! STARBERRY SOUR is Interstellar’s version of a fruited sour. Is it sweet or sour? You decide!
    Refreshingly tart and made with fresh strawberries, this ginger beer is simple and light but has an unexpectedly complex mouthfeel.

* These beers will be on-tap year round at our tasting room in Alabaster.


  1. Member Berries – Member Grapico?  We made an alcoholic version that the fans of the sweet grape soda are falling in love with.
  2. RosePeary – Juicy Bartlett pear and garden fresh rosemary. 6.9% abv.


  1. MARTIAN MOJITO – Made with loads of fresh Kentucky Colonel Spearmint, this beer is to be savored slowly, perhaps over ice.