Birmingham Area:

On Tap (Fultondale) – First Contact, and/or Ginger Colada

On Tap (Galleria) – First Contact and/or Space Mule

Galleria Chevron – First Contact and Ginger Colada bottles

Pies and Pints – Typically has us on

Piggly Wiggly,  Bluff Park (Hoover) (draft to go) – Ginger Colada & First Contact (draft to go and bottles), Starberry Sour bottles

Piggly Wiggly, Forest Park (Clairmont) First Contact, Ginger Colada Bottles

Piggly Wiggly, Homewood – First Contact (bottles)

Piggly Wiggly, Crestline – First Contact (bottles)

Piggly Wiggly, Chelsea –  First Contact (bottles)

Hop City – First Contact (bottles), Ginger Colada bottles, Starberry Sour bottles

Georges Box Car Cafe (Railroad Park) – First Contact

Dee’s Package Store- First Contact, Ginger Colada, Starberry Sour

Sleek Sports Bar – May have Ginger Colada and/or Starberry Sour

Iron City (music venue) – First Contact

Surin West – First Contact

Mr P’s Deli – First Contact and Ginger Colada bottles

Sky Castle – First Contact

Cajun Cleaver – First Contact (bottles)

Irondale Market – First Contact (bottles)

Vineyard Food Mart – First Contact (bottles)

Cabin Fever Beverages (Cullman) – First Contact (bottles), Starberry Sour bottles

Catoma Package (Cullman) – First Contact (bottles), Starberry Sour bottles

Valley Spring Smoke & Spirit – First Contact, Ginger Colada, Starberry bottles

Western Supermarket (Vestavia) – First Contact (bottles)

Highland Package Store – First Contact, Ginger Colada bottles

Valleydale Coosa Mart (Exxon) – First Contact (bottles)

The Pink Package – First Contact (bottles)

The Beer Hog – First Contact (bottles), Ginger Colada and Starberry Sour bottles

Pub261 – Ginger Colada

JetPep (Pelham Pkwy) – First Contact (bottles)

Harvey’s On Noble (Sylacauga) – First Contact (bottles)

H&M Package Store – First Contact (bottles)

Fermenters (Sylacauga) – Ginger Colada

Dreamland BBQ (Inverness Corners) – First Contact (bottles)

Chelsea Food Mart – First Contact (bottles)

Beverage Place (Inverness) – First Contact (bottles)

Alabaster Bottle Shop – First Contact (bottles), Ginger Colada bottles

Montgomery Area

Mellow Mushroom – Starberry Sour (draft)

Huntsville Area

Craft Beer Store

Hunt Club Burgers and Grill

Toy Box Bistro

The Open Bottle

Wish You Were Beer

The Summit at Redstone

Anaheim Chili

Old Town Beer Exchange

Das Stahl Beirhaus

Madison Taproom

The Poppy

Rocket City Craft Beer

The Casual Pint

Windmill Beverages

Sheraton Inn – Airport

Mobile Area

Nexus Cinema Dining

The Keg Lounge – Orange Beach

Flip Side Bar and Patio

Saddle Up Saloon

TP Crookmiers

Anchor Bar and Grill – Orange Beach

Game Over Retro Pub

The Blind Mule

Islanders Restaurant Bar – Dauphin Island

Rock and Roll Sushi

Alchemy Tavern

The Bubble Lounge

More to come!